About Us

The name St Isidore was inspired by the Spanish farmworker known for his piety toward the poor and animals.

St. Isidore Centre is part of Willing Hearts Orphanage, a 100% non-stock/non-profit organisation based in the Philippines that works closely with the Philippine Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD Reg. No. 111RL-0008-2014).

St. Isidore Centre also collaborate with Asrama Putri Santa Maria Goretti in Tanjong Pinang, Indonesia.

About Uncle Thomas

How it started

Thomas Wee, founder of St Isidore Centre and Willing Hearts Orphanage in Philippines had start embarking on this journey to help the needy after a call for donation by his former employee, Maria Teresa who had returned to Philippines. Wee then began to send necessities to the community every month.

He was curious about who he was helping and decided to head to the village personally. The housing condition he had witnessed there had spurred him to help them alleviate the current situation. To do so, Wee sold his properties to set up the Willing Hearts Orphanage in Bulacan with Maria, housing 38 boys and girls aged from four to 12 years old.


Eventually, Wee had started a small business, St. Isidore Thrift Shop, to help raise funds for necessities like shoes, clothes, and food. All profit will be used to support the operation of the orphanage.

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